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The Owl Killers, The Olive Tree, The Kill Call

The Olive Tree



Author: Carol Drinkwater


Buy From: The Olive Tree


Description: Charts Carol Drinkwater's colourful and often dangerous journey in search of the routes that olive cultivation has taken over the centuries.


At Your Fingertips



Author: William Buist


Buy From:



Publisher: Word4Word


Description: A Guide to Successful Online Business Networking


The Kill Call




Author: Stephen Booth


Buy From: The Kill Call


Description: Seven feet high and seven feet wide – it might as well have been a giant coffin.


A Solitary Confinement



Author: Robin Sheppard


Buy From: A Solitary Confinement


Publisher: Ecademy Press


Description: Robin Sheppard had always seemed like a lucky guy! Proud father of two sons in their late teens.....






It's Behaviour Stupid!



Author: Steve Glowinkowski


Buy From: It's Behaviour, Stupid!


Publisher: Ecademy Press


Description: What Really Drives the Performance of Your Organisation. The premise of this book is that a leader's behaviour or rather, the quality of their.....

The Owl Killers



Author: Karen Maitland


Buy From: The Owl Killers


Description: The Middle Ages was an amazing time of discovery and invention, but one in which monsters and magic, angels and demons, were as much part of everyday life as ......






Property Investing Success


Author: Angela Bryant


Buy From: Property Investing Success




Publisher: Ecademy Press


Description: The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success ......






The Magic Sunglasses


Author: Angela Buck


Buy From: The Magic Sunglasses


Publisher: Childrens World Publishing


Description: If you have a secret dream, perhaps like the character in the book, Samantha, be sure to use your own special powers...

Property Magic



Author: Simon Zutshi


Buy From: Property Magic 2009


Publisher: Ecademy Press


Description: 2009 edition How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and Experience





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Opportunity, Business and Love

Romancing the Customer



Author: Angela Egan


Buy From: Initial Lust



Publisher: Word4Word


Description: The Key to Visual Communication and Brand Marketing


Your Legacy of Love




Author: Gemini Adams


Buy From: Your Legacy of Love


Publisher: Live Consciously


Description: Discover how to prepare for the worst, minimising the suffering for your survivors by sharing your Emotional Assets in a priceless gift......more

The World at Your Feet



Author: Sabirul Islam


Buy From: The World at Your Feet


Publisher: Marshall Cavendish


Description: Three strikes to a successful entrepreneurial life. Motivates and inspire young people to make the most of their talent.....more





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